SHINee gettin crunk at Club Octagon


SHINee thanked their fans for the enormous support they’ve received with “Dream Girl“. To celebrate the success of their latest comeback, the idol group held a guerilla concert at the Octagon club in Gangnam, Seoul on the 2nd at 1AM KST.

SHINee performed their new single “Dream Girl” as well as remix versions of their past hit songs. Taemin recently turned 20 years old, making all of the members of SHINee old enough to enter the club.

Don’t you wish you could’ve been there?

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"Noona, you are my M.V.P"

Sooooooooooo....SHINee is coming back!!! Strange thing is they never really left. It's called a comeback just they haven't released and new music in South Korea in about 2 years. In the K-pop industry, there are so many groups coming out every month that they are good as retired right now....just joking. I'm just happy I'm getting new music from them!!! Yayyyy!

Here is the video with the highlights of their songs on their mini album called Sherlock!

Also, I am so happy that Onew (Lee Jinki), the wonderful leader of SHINee, is back on his feet. He was absent for about 3 months with an ankle injury. Presumably in the SMe dungens. He is looking adorable and sexy as usual. Excited for what seems to be a solo from him on the album.

Writer's Block: Googling Myself

Have you ever Googled yourself to see what other people can find out about you? If so, were you surprised at what turned up?

I have googled myself and....absolutely nothing came up about me. I'm unimportant and I'm ok with that for some reason. Hopefully, one day when I do google myself I will see the address to my practice...with good reviews, lol. Who knows *shrugs shoulders* :)


    Thrusday, I believe, is the day I went into the psychology advising office at FSU to declare a second major. Now I am officially double majoring. Since then, I have been struggling with the thought of whether I made the right decision. I'm starting to think that I should have just changed my major to Psychology and graduate the next year or just do a lot of DIS (directed independent studies) to give me some experience with working with clients and running experiments.
    I don 't know what I want to do. Maybe I should stick to the original plan and go to medical school and then do my residency to become a psychiatrist. I'll have to see how I do in organic chemistry 2 lab and the lecture of course. If I do well enough in those classes I'm going to go to medical school (if I get in). Those are the grades that medical schools look at the most anyways. We'll see what happens at the end of the semester...
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